Brass Rubbings

A many of our bodies shall, no doubt, Find native graves: upon the which, I trust, Shall witness live in brass of this day's work." From Shakespeare's Henry V

Brass rubbings are done by stretching a linen rag paper over the deeply etched monumental brass that is usually found at the gravesite. After securing the paper, heelball (a very hard wax) is rubbed vigorously over the paper surface to get an exact copy of the brass plate. A single rubbing can take from 2 hours to 2 days to complete depending in it's size, condition, and complexity.  

The pictures you see are actual pictures of brass rubbings that I have made...they are not pictures from a book that have been scanned showing you actual pictures of my rubbings you can see the quality that comes from over 25 years of bringing brass rubbings to the community.